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May 2016
May 2016


Going Forward………….Next Stop Convention 2016!

The CAIW 50th Anniversary is closing in and I look forward to seeing you all there! Please make sure your registrations are in as soon as possible, TIWA is working hard going in to the final stretch and their efforts are very much appreciated!

I had the pleasure of attending the local association Public Speaking Contests in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick this past March. Thoroughly enjoyed this and would like to acknowledge with thanks my advisor in making the trip with me; thank you Donna Brown!

I would also like to thank the members of the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick’s Associations for spending the time and making my trip that much more enjoyable! You both have a great group of members and everything you did was appreciated!

In April I was pleased to attend the Montreal Association reception and dinner, Panagiota Kalantzis was able to show me her office for our midterm meeting venue in January 2017; Madeleine Gravel did pick me up and take me back to the airport, thank you Madeleine! As I told Madeleine I will never ever complain again about road construction or potholes, Montreal has several road projects underway and clearly it is very challenging for commuters in that region.

Sadly I could not make it to Newfoundland and the tri conference typically held between Winnipeg, Brandon and Northwestern Ontario was not slated during my term. I can assure you that the incoming president will attend in her term 2016-2017.

From the Association visits I did make it clear that while we have seen growth over the past few years we still have some associations struggling. It is a changed world, everyone is quite busy both professionally and personally and the advent of the internet and social media has made it easier to avoid meeting in person. I would though point out that working professionals are missing out on the face to face contact, maintaining and renewing networking opportunities and your local association is a fit for that purpose.

Our employers really need to see the benefit of an employee in belonging to an association to extend a financial commitment for support. Growth is important to us for this very reason amongst others. Again I would reiterate, speak up, get involved and please communicate with your executive any suggestions you have at any time. Every association has a director for communication purposes. Please do not hesitate in approaching that member.

In the communication realm I will again touch upon feedback received from forum at the AGM last year. One of the questions asked; Do you want to have a say in the AGM. Do you enjoy and understand the AGM. What could be done to improve the program?

Responses. 1. Brainstorming and Breakout Forum are excellent. 2. Ask for members input on Education in advance to choose speakers accordingly. 3. Directors don’t do their jobs. 4. Revisit schedule of meetings. 5. Better explanation of what to expect. 6. Provide timetables of program in advance. 7. Pleased with editing of the Presidents reports on the lectern. 8. Memorial service, can we do it differently, ie. a screen for each decade. 9. Every convention should set up twitter, hashtag / FB page and advise members to use it. 10. Need to do something else at meet/greet, ie. Selfie scavenger hunt / selfie with newbie/mingling games.

I have to say that the responses from forum which I have addressed in each newsletter has given me new ideas and there is a clear direction that social media avenues need to be pursued further. I feel forum is a worthwhile use of our time for the benefit of both the National and the local associations.

All ideas are welcome and are shared. I know TIWA is changing up things as far as reports and our program are concerned for convention. It is all well and fine for us to acknowledge ideas coming out of forum but we need to now see what we can implement to see what can work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!

Please note our CBL / Handbook is being reworked at the moment, should anyone require a copy of the existing format please contact me.

In closing I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at convention and again, email me or call me at any time, your executive is here to answer your questions and concerns.

Best Regards,
Lynn M. Kelly, CIP, CRM

President, CAIW 2015/2016
Phone 1-800-508-3440
Cell 403-968-6601

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