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March 2016


2016…………………….and Forward!!!

According to the calendar it is winter but here in Alberta we sit with unseasonable weather and on the way to break a record for the number of above normal temperatures! Love the sun!

As I am writing this I can report that we had a successful midterm meeting and I was most pleased to attend TIWA’s January dinner and had the opportunity to hear about Uber! Uber is clearly a hot topic absolutely everywhere! Thank you to our new TIWA director Sonia Scattarelli and the TIWA association president Sephora Sciara for the warm welcome.

I look forward to attending meetings in Halifax and Moncton in March, Montreal in April and I am hoping to book yet a few more associations still in April or May.

I have been contacted by a Vancouver law firm, they were inquiring as to why BC does not have a local association. Through discussion with some of our past presidents I was given to understand that at one time there was a chapter but they eventually disbanded or “regrouped” and became a member of the National Association of Insurance Women. My Vancouver contact made some inquiries and really cannot find any membership of consequence and as such are considering bringing a BC chapter to life and are hoping to have a couple of ladies from Vancouver attend our 50th Anniversary Convention. They have been provided with a package and I really hope they do come, they start a chapter and this can only make us stronger as a national body! Stay tuned for more information.

I am bringing to your attention again additional feedback from forum at the AGM last year for discussion at a locally level.

The numbers at the AGM & Convention have been decreasing, what can we as a combined organization do to increase participation/registration?

Responses. 1. Travel costs are an impediment to attendance. 2. Website/social media is not utilized efficiently to market AGM / Convention. 3. There should be consistency between the Association websites for promotion of this. 4. Corporations are concerned that the content of convention does not provide enough return to the costs associated with attending. 5. At the local level starting selling convention in year following immediately on return from current convention. 6. Advise of potential hotel costs as soon as possible. 7. Emphasize Fellowship Funds and use them at lower levels, if there is a fund in your Association and it hasn’t been used, target someone to use it, generate interest! My personal favorite - 8. Consider having convention outside of Canada, there are cheaper venues, i.e. Mexico!

All of the responses received to the query have merit and do warrant discussion, it is not out of the realm of possibility of hosting a convention in another country, you look at family reunions, weddings, these are routinely brought together with the distance and cost effective. Food for thought!!!

I continue to promote the upcoming 50th Anniversary in Toronto and suspect you all are as well. Please contact your local director in regards to Education Day if you have any question on that, I known the TIWA group is working very hard pulling convention together and thank them for that.

Insofar as the Website is concerned, I am starting to get feedback on it, what we can do to improve it further and encourage anyone and everyone to share their views on this, it is vital in this day and age that we use our social media to the best of our ability!

Thank you for your attention, any questions, concerns, directions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Lynn M. Kelly, CIP, CRM

President, CAIW 2015/2016
Phone 1-800-508-3440
Cell 403-968-6601

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