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December 2015

Going Forward………………to 2016!

It has been a hectic few months involving a few association visits with Edmonton and London! Thank you for the warm and inviting reception to both Edmonton and London. Mary Hooper at London was kind enough to provide transportation and accommodations during my stay. Thank you to all. It is very much appreciated.

It was nice to see TIWA members at LIPA’s Friends of the Industry Night, it was a considerable distance to travel but appreciated by LIPA members.

I am also encouraged by the response to TIWA’s convention in speaking with associations, I have had the opportunity to promote convention through a few industry publications and continue to hound them for more exposure in the new year on this.

Each and every year we hold a forum at AGM, I am taking this opportunity to highlight responses that were given by members at forum on one of the questions that may generate discussion for you locally.

How do we modernize the CAIW/ACFA Awards?

Responses. 1. Up to the Sponsors to revitalize the awards if they feel it necessary. 2. It is important for involvement but not every Association has the ability to take the time to work on submissions due to lack of involvement. 3. Cut back on the number of awards to make the awards more prestigious. 4. Need to make the Awards fair across the board so all associations can participate fairly. 5. Insurance Woman of Year Award – suggestion that it be based on the decision involving one’s entire career, not just what positions have been held in an association or within CAIW. There could be someone who has contributed a lot to their association but not held a position. 6. First General Award – not all associations can actively complete, ie proctoring done in large centres only, continuing education requirements not standardized across the country; heavy weighting on the broker side has a distinct advantage. 7. Essay Contest/Public Speaking – remove restrictions on the same people being able to compete every year.

I would be interested to hear the feedback from your local associations on these responses, and what consideration should be given to them. Please communicate this with your director to bring to midterm in January.

In closing I wish each and everyone one of you health, happiness and peace this holiday season! Take some time with your friends and family and all the best to you and yours in 2016!

Yours in Fellowship,

Lynn M. Kelly, CIP, CRM
CAIW President 2015 – 2015
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